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Tweezer Curved and Angled

Style Description Example Image
Style 24/45 Strong tips, bent 45 degrees. Style 24/45
Style 2A/30 Flat round tips, bent 30 degrees. Style 2A/30
Style 4AC Anti-capillary, very thin tips. Style 4AC
Style 5/15 Thin tips, bent 15 degrees, for hairsprings Style 5/15
Style 5/45 Thin tips, bent 45 degrees, for hairsprings Style 5/45
Style 5/90 Thin tips, bent 90 degrees. Style 5/90
Style 5AC Anti-capillary,very thin tips. Style 5AC
Style 5TM Oblique thin TM tips, with special shape. Style 5TM
Style 6 Thin hooked tips. Style 6
Style 7 Thin curved tips. Style 7
Style 7A Curved strong tips. Style 7A
Style 7B Curved tips with inside serrations. Style 7B
Style 7XL Type 7, extra long, curved thin tips, for large hands. Style 7XL
Style SS/45 Long and narrow shanks, thin tips, bent 45 degrees. Style SS/45